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So, where to start?

You may already be familiar with Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles. If not, it's a very worthwhile read, but let's not get off-topic. In the second book, the narrator talks about a game called "Tak". There's never much detail about the rules, but it's clearly supposed to be the equivalent to classic two-player strategy games like chess or go in his fictional world.

Long story short, the game got defictionalized. You can find the rules here.

I feel like this is a game members of the DROD community may be very interested in. Official physical copies of the game are still in pre-order, but you can play online at There's also a couple of AIs there, both for beginners and better players. My handle there is pse711933, in case you're looking for easy wins :P

The subtitle "A beautiful game" is actually a self-proclaimed title, which is a pretty bold thing to do. Even more boldly, Rothfuss himself describes it as "more elegant than chess" and "more enjoyable than Go". Does it really hold up to that? Only time can tell, obviously, but here are some of my thoughts:

Click here to view the secret text

All in all, a really interesting strategy game, and I honestly wouldn't have expected it to be as good as it is. So yeah, go check it out!
09-06-2016 at 04:49 PM
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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Anything : Tak (A beautiful game)
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