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I like to try and optimise the first scorepoint of holds as they tend to play out very differently to when you try to optimise the end game of a hold.

Unfortunately the "Beat 'Neather scorepoint" for Tendry's Tale, which is the first scorepoint from the 2nd half of the hold, is driving me bonkers because there is a huge difference between the top scorers and me, with 1st place having over 440 more HP than me. It's maddening because if it was a small amount then I'd assume that my timing was wrong somewhere, but with such a huge difference on display I simply must have some sort of major strategy mess up. Because the numbers we are dealing with here are fairly small any difference due to a timing mistake I'd estimate would only be costing me about 100 HP at most.

Without demos to view I know that, short of my writing out a full walkthrough of what I'm doing or recording it, it's going to be very difficult to get advice pinpointing me towards any mistakes I'm making.

The other thing that drives me crazy is that mxvladi's score which is the place above mine has almost 400 more HP and 8 more REP. Given that all of the choices I've made through the level have involved killing monsters over spending keys there are simply no monsters left that I can see that would get me that extra REP in any way that is beneficial, short of killing one of the two mud babies left behind after the mud mother fight (worth exactly 8 REP each) so I can trade in the extra greckles for a 50 HP health potion, but given that the mud babies cost me 90 HP to kill, there's no way that that is worth it. And that still doesn't explain the 400 HP difference.

Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong here are appreciated. The only major stumbling blocks I can think of are timing mistakes regarding getting the wooden shield or the 4 DEF boosts from the machine. For what it's worth, my playthrough goes a bit like this:

Click here to view the secret text

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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Hints and Solutions : Tendry's Tale : Homeland : 15 North, 4 East (Optimising the 1st scorepoint of the 2nd half)
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