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icon Wikings Raid (+7)  
(Read to the tune of The A-Team theme song)

The PS-Team proudly brings you the May 2015 Illumination, Wikings Raid.

The Eleventh Annual People's Choice Awards are over
It would take a prohibitive amount of space to rewrite kieranmillar’s superb summary of The 2015 Deadlies results so we’ll settle for supplying accolades and congratulations. Someone Else, Dischorran, blorx1, kieranmillar, Nuntar and ErikH2000, you’ve all done fantastic work making DROD a better place.

Eighth Fairy Tales lived happily ever after!
Yet our friendly Extreme One Who Games has failed to show up and announce it officially so… Oh wait, he actually did show, a little late to the party but still. Noma managed to steal the first place with her entry about a broom-mender and a mistaken identity. Lucky Luc explains to us the genesis of spoostlefish in his the second-place entry, and the last (but still respectable!) podium-place is occupied by Insoluble with a poem. Congratulations!

DROD on Wikia
You might not know this, but a long time ago some brave soul created a DROD wikia. For most of its lifetime it was left alone, abandoned, forgotten, weeping softly, but about a week ago someone pinged skell about it. Upon seeing that there were actually some updates, he used his Tyrant Overlord Evil Powers of Death (TOEPOD) and turned two of our friendly lurkers, 12th Archivist and Navithmastero, to do his evil bidding. He then laughed maniacally for the better part of an hour. Together they slightly rejuvenated the wikia and it’s slowly starting to have an actual shape!
Give it a visit and make a page or seven!

And there is an accompanying thread on the forums:

New hold releases
Only two holds have been released since the last Illumination:

Narrow Perspectives by skell is his second hold and one concentrated entirely on puzzles and open layout. It’s so open there is a special scripted mechanism for traveling between rooms. Madness! “It’s the best hold ever made.” -A clearly unbiased opinion of definitely not skell

King Azb’s Dungeon by azb is "A hold with a simple story and simpler puzzles!" to quote Chaco. Skell vouches that Chaco is right, except he should’ve added fun somewhere in that sentence. It’s also a story of self expression, in which azb lives out tyrannical fantasies of being a king, or at least Pearls hopes so..

Minor news:
- TSS 5.0.2 development has progressed a little with some new scripting features (Face Towards command which makes the character turn towards a point guard-style) and some optimizations to the scripting engine which, due to reasons which are too long to explain here, might not end up in 5.0.2.
- DROD is now officially “More fun to do than taxes”, at least according to the Video Games Hot Dog folks. This has been a long time goal of CaravelGames, who knows very well the tedium taxes can be. Not wanting to make dramatic promises, finally crossing this critical threshold marks a milestone in Caravel’s goals as a company.
- It’s not exactly minor news but Nuntar claims he has finished his work on TCB 5.0 and it is now sent for testing. Well, dear Nuntar, we’re afraid you will have to come back to your baby because it’s the first law of every kind of development - there are always bugs.

LP Section:
Alex Diener’s TSS - he has got the bad ending and even stopped to watch and enjoy the credits! -

Pearls has finished Elemental Showcase with great success and a lot of drinks.

Also, Pearls started playing through Trapoe and has uploaded two episodes.

Jeff_Ray is still bravely facing with the tedious parts of Bavato dungeon (the fun parts too!)

And that would be all for this month, stay tuned for more in June!

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05-09-2015 at 11:43 PM
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icon Re: Wikings Raid (+1)  
Very nice. I just spent a few hours clicking through and looking at various things above.


Godkiller Gamedev streams (live sessions where I make a new puzzle game. NSFW, mature content)
youtube (archive of live streams, and some animated videos I made. Again, contains mature content.)
05-10-2015 at 02:06 AM
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icon Re: Wikings Raid (+1)  
Indeed, I'm watching Alex's playthrough of TSS, and it's excellent and lucid, but I do miss Pearls' drunken rants, and will catch up soon.

76th SkyWatcher
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05-13-2015 at 12:15 AM
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icon Re: Wikings Raid (0)  
Will 5.0.2 just be a patch, or do we need to do the whole 5.0.1 update thing again?
06-14-2015 at 05:00 PM
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icon Re: Wikings Raid (0)  
All this really looks interesting. I guess I have to involve myself more in the community. :)

I am the gaming Ninja!
01-04-2018 at 08:51 AM
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