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Is there a particular order in which you must conquer the rooms. I seem to have conquered all the rooms in level 4 but haven't been given the go ahead to proceed to the next level. I had the same thing happen to me in level 3 and I just went back and redid the rooms until I was finally told to exit to level 4. Just wondering. I don't want to know the order if there exists one. I consider that part of the game. I just want to know if I need to think about that too.

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05-20-2003 at 02:10 AM
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Well... Some levels are quite linear in that you can only enter the rooms in order, and others may force you to go through certain tedious rooms more than once if you solve them in the wrong order, but there are never cases where there are orders you need to discover - if you have access to more than one room (from a direction in which they are solvable), then you can solve them in whatever order you want.

Note, however, that some levels require you to enter every single room on the level before you're invited to leave, while others allow you to only partially solve the level. And, if you enter the stair room last, you usually need to leave and return to it before the invitation to leave appears. And some levels (I don't remember if level 4 is among them) have hidden rooms - ones which you need to find before you can leave the level.

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05-20-2003 at 02:24 AM
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