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Well, if you didn't know the Roasted Roach Grill has a website.If you didn't know shame on you! But no menu.Gasp!
So all you Chefs out there make a menu of typical Dungeon Fare WITH PRICES.
First Place: Your menu gets onto the site. Also 2ond and 3rd prize
Second Place: My deepest secret about how I
Click here to view the secret text
DROD. Also 3rd prize
Third Place: Roachmeat. One years worth of roachmeat.
Booby Prize (Participation): a spot in this topic for You. :)
negative 356 weeks
1. MUST be a .pdf OR .docx (Other MS Word files acceptable, .docx Recommended)
2. Needs Lunch and Dinner.
3. Pictures not required.
4. good grammer and speeling
5. Three Submits Each.

See ya later losers!

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03-19-2013 at 04:58 AM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : Contests : Beethro's Grill menu (Unofficial(?))
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