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I showed off the current build of DROD 4-whats-it-called at the informal Utah Indie Game Developer conference that is held here quarterly. Several people played through various parts of the first few levels and gave some great feedback as new players of the franchise. Greg Squire, the organizer, has a short, mostly harmless description of the game, along with some other interesting titles that people who live around here have been working on:

One of the developers of "Me and My Zombies" says that he has DROD on his home computer and that it may have been inspiration in part for their title. This game looks cool.

Also, "Siphon Spirit" caught my attention as having excellent style. I talked to the artist, Peter Anderson, and was very impressed with his work and by the direction he is taking their game in progress.

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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : Press Clippings : DROD 4 (A local showing)
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