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Being new to the whole architect thing, I only learned about the nifty "My Holds" preferences in my Profile section after my first hold was released. I'd like to make a few suggestions that might help other newbies out there.

One: could something about them be added to one of the "Important Threads Regarding Architecture"? Maybe describing where and what they are and how they work.

Two: is it possible for the architect to be able to select which rooms should not have high scores tracked /before/ the hold goes live?

Three: if item two is not possible, is there a way to remove high scores for rooms which later were marked "non-high-scoreable"? (Case in point: not realizing that existing high scores would not be cleared, Rosebud Museum now has high scores for 3 rooms that I made non-high-scoreable after learning about this section. I'm sure others have made this error too. EDIT: just checked and it looks like those scores are finally gone. Did this happen automatically and just take a while, or did someone have to go in and adjust them manually?)

Four: if item three is not possible--or even if it is, as I suspect Schik already has enough to do--could the warning at the top of the High-scoreable Rooms section be changed to read, "Please select rooms that should not be tracked and that do not already have high scores. You cannot undo any changes you have made." (New text in bold.) Or simply make it impossible to select rooms that already have high scores.

And while I'm (sort of) on the topic: in "A Friendly Note from your HAs" zex20913 makes reference to a feature that will allow you to see all the text and custom media in your hold. I didn't see that functionality anywhere, though I looked for it. Did it go away or is there something I overlooked? This would be really handy, although I'd prefer to have access to it before submitting a hold for approval.

Just some thoughts.

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07-22-2010 at 03:44 AM
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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : My Holds tab and High-scoreable rooms
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