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Okay, I'm not completely sure about the details on this once since my little brother was playing around with it at the time, but here's what I saw:

Some time earlier, I had copied the whole drod RPG folder over to my computer to play it.

Going through the tutorial part of the dungeon and in rule 2 I realized I had made a mistake and went to restore an earlier save. (This was the second time I believe I had done so.) However, clicking the load button made the game lock up, and when I re-opened it I tried again and the same thing happened; the third time, however, the game was not available to be continued.

So I watched my little brother play a bit, then noticed that the game was making a -constant- beeping noise; the windows beeping sound, once every frame. Tendry appeared as an outline character like a soulless facing downwards no matter which way his sword faced but the game seemed fine otherwise. I clicked on the load button to see if any other saves worked right, but that made the game hang. Opening up the task manager showed it was taking up 1.2 million K virtual memory, then I killed it. Apon loading it again it was mysteriously in full screen as opposed to windowed mode asked for the name of a profile to import. Typing in the one that was being used before it loaded nothing at all.

So, I'm not sure whether this is enough information to figure out what the heck was wrong; it screwed up on TWO separate computers in two separate ways. I figured I'd post it just in case it would be useful.

EDIT: Okay, on the original computer (the one I copied it from) loading it a second time it doesn't seem to remember that a new profile got created and it's asking to import one again. I can't find it, by the way, where are they stored?

EDIT EDIT: And it forgot the profile on the second computer too. Odd...

EDIT EDIT EDIT: And now after closing and re-opening DROD RPG on the second computer a few times, it 'failed to initialize the font library' and windows gave one of those yellow speech bubble popups from the task bar stating that it couldn't finish writing to player.dat apon closing and the data was lost, and then opening it again restored the original profile exactly where I was before all of this mess. Strange!

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09-22-2008 at 12:15 PM
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Hmm...I can't give specific advice, but there appears to be something bad going on with your specific installations of XP. It's as if DROD isn't being allowed to function properly due to some source external to the game. Maybe this has to do with user settings, file permissions, or the specific setup of some software separate from DROD that might be interefering with its execution. Weird...

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09-23-2008 at 04:37 PM
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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Bugs : DROD crash and profile lost (This was all on windows XP)
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