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An alternative continuation of The Adventures Of Beethro found originally in Construct The Story.

Page 117: Continuation 3

Beethro Decides To Wait

Beethro decided to wait. With all the strange hum of the activity going on around him, including the strange thudding noises whenever things were placed, the banging noises of orbs even though he hadn't hit any, and the weird cracking noises as the rooms took shape before his eyes, Beethro thought that he could escape unnoticed later when he was plopped into the dungeon.

"If I was suddenly teleported here, and things here just 'appear', then sooner or later, they'll all have to disappear as they are all just illusions," Beethro reassured himself.

Far above him, the sword had stopped moving for a short period. Beethro noticed this and watched it with curiosity as it resumed its motion and, instead of the fast, almost random movements as before when it was making the dungeon, it began to move more purposefully, tracing out a path around the monsters and walls in the room in a rather jerky fashion. To Beethro, it looked as if it was counting something, square by square, but he could not think what it could be. Suddenly, it froze. A silence fell over the room. Beethro was terrified. Gripping his sword, he stood tense and alert, waiting to see what it was that he would now have to face. Beethro noticed that the walls, which had been slightly transparent to allow him to see the factory before, had lost their shimmer and had become solid. The lighting darkened as the ceiling appeared and the square beneath the sword started to glow with a yellow light.

As Beethro realised what it was that the sword has holding in a shimmer, the sword disappeared, and a lifesize copy of the object, perfectly solid, fell to the floor. Beethro gasped, for he saw a reflection of himself, completely accurate to every detail, even equipped with the exact same sword he had. As he looked, it turned to face him directly, and...

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They stared at each other for a while. When Beethro moved, his copy did not. In fact, it continued to stare at the same space no matter where he moved. He was about to investigate further when the room tilted sideways and he was dumped out of it at the end. He just had time to register a group of goblins yelling at the crane operator, and then he rolled onto a teleportation tile and vanished.

A few seconds later, he found himself in the woods. Realizing this section of the forest was not familiar to him, he started walking, knowing that he would eventually reach his house.

Soon he came upon a small clearing with the top of a large service elevator shaft protruding from the center. He recognized the style of the factory machinery, then ducked behind a tree as a supergoblin, with walking box in tow, stepped out of the opening doors and walked down a path at the opposite end of the clearing. Beethro had a decision to make: Should he run after the supergoblin, or go down the elevator to learn more about the factory?

NOTE: Look back at the original post: The storylines are now merged together again. Please continue this in the original post.

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