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icon Seventh Level Challenges (0)  
I worked pretty hard on this one.....
and I don't feel like facing tar now, so this is my last one for today.

Seventh Level

Entrance Room, Once West
The eastern queen must only spawn twice. How many eyes can you get without waking them up?

Once East, South
There are 11 queens. How fast can you kill them all?

Once East
Enter from this side, and kill the roach. Send 2 queens to the top and one to the bottom, then let the room fill to capacity before breaking through the crumbly walls.

Once North
Enter from the southwest. Check to see that each evil eye is awake before you kill it.

Once North
1. Kill the serpent in the bottom right
2. See how fast you can get the serpent to stick its head into the back of the tunnel. The best I’ve done is 48 moves (5-key counts as a move).

Once North
Don’t pass through the “tunnel.” See if you can make it only hitting the orb twice.

Once North
Go fast enough that the queens only spawn once for every “pocket” you go into.

Once West
How fast can you do the room? I can do it in about 300-350 moves.

Once South
Only let the queen spawn 6 times before the serpent is caught in the roaches.

Once East, North, West, South, West
Bump into the snake before move 275.

Once East, South
Eliminate the serpents in 40 moves (or less, if you can).

Once North, South, West
Wait in the first 6 squares for the serpent to die, only swiping to kill roaches that venture in. It IS possible, by the way! HINT: Get into the right postion first.

Once East, North, East, East
Don’t go through the little diagonal passage.

Once South
Try to shorten the serpent down to 3 squares before you lure it into the trap.

Once West, South, South, South [Exit Level].

Slashing, whirling, diving, twirling,
Snapping, turning, rising, swirling,
Screeching, flipping, gliding, sliding,
The red hawk's dance of death.

.....the king of the skies.....
09-06-2003 at 03:21 AM
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icon Re: Seventh Level Challenges (0)  
I can only do the last challenge only :glasses
01-16-2004 at 08:01 PM
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