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This continues my "Challenges for every single room in DROD" in the Second Edition (or whatever you want to call it). Here's the second level.

Level 2

Entrance Room, and twice north
Only kill a monster when it is adjacent to a wall (diagonals included)

Move once west
Kill all but one roach only if it is on an open door square

Move once east, north
Hit the second of the central orbs before killing any roaches. After hitting all three, go to the far left so 5 of the queens flee to the northeast corner. Once you have done that, let the room fill to capacity with spawned roaches, making sure that the northwest chamber between the force arrows and the long gate is overflowing with roaches. When you eliminate all the roaches, head over to the northwest to kill the queen before any of the others. This queen must have a spawn in which none of its eggs become roaches at this point before it dies. Go back to the east side and chase all but one of the queens west. Kill the remaining queen after it has had one spawn that does not become roaches like for the previous queen. Drive the queens back and forth until you get to the last queen. When this happens, donít kill her but retreat to anywhere you want and let the room fill to capacity while you only press wait. Then, go after the last remaining roach queen and kill her, after making sure there is one spawn that never becomes roaches.

Move thrice south, once east
Make sure you kill all the southeastern roaches while you are standing on the open door, and all one right after another.

Move once south
Kill the four western roaches then head to the southwest area, bringing all the other roaches with you. Position the Wraithwing that it dies next, trapped against the oncoming horde of roaches.

Move once north, east
Donít let the queen get to the top corner. Before striking the orb, let the room fill to capacity while you stand opposite the southernmost square of the yellow door. Strike the orb, then filter as many roaches as possible down the narrow passage and kill them while you are adjacent to the orb. After that, fight through the roaches so that you stand against the green door. Filter exactly 15 roaches through for you to kill in this position. Only then do you kill the queen.

Move once east
Let the room fill to capacity before slaying a single roach, then fight your way to each of these checkpoints in order. A) Bump into the green door 5 times in a row. B) Wait 10 moves in a row at the northwest corner. C) Wait for 20 moves at the northeast corner. D) Head to the square directly across from the green door in the south-center area, and let the room fill to capacity once more. Only then do you kill the queens, but make sure you kill at least one roach on each force arrow as well as the queen.

Move once south
When you get the queen into the northwest corner, filter out any roaches that remain in the central area. With the southern gate open, let the room fill as far as you can let it, then kill the queen.

Move once south
Let the room fill to capacity before slaying any roaches, then go after the queens, killing three in the northwest, one on the scroll, and four in the southwest.

Move once west
Donít let any of the queens spawn.

Move once north
Get to the top right and back again before killing any queens. Then, get the northwest queen first.

Move once south, west
After chasing the queens out of the force arrows, one to the southwest and one to the east, strike all the orbs two times more from east to west. Then, retreat to the north and let the room fill to capacity before you kill another roach.

Move once west
Make the queens flee to the north instead of the south

Move once north
After striking the orb, move to the south instead of the north.

Move twice north, once east (Exit Level)

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09-03-2003 at 11:15 PM
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