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A rather large update today. First and foremost, let me say that the whole DRODTRIS thing was an April Fools jokes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...ok I'll stop laughing now.

I know you're all reeling from the change in webmasters, but there's even more news concerning Wesley Chua, an avid DROD fan and author of a number of DROD puzzles, will be assisting me in running the site. It hasn't been decided exactly what Wesley will be taking care of, but it will most likely include the Challenges section.

Great news for all fans of TLK DROD (AKA DROD3D)! TLK has released a new demo. It has nice new graphics and several new features. Go check it out right now! Click here to download it. Instuctions are located in the zip file.

As you can probably tell, the format of the news page has changed. From now on, if you want old news updates, click on the Old News button at the bottom of the page.

Some news from my life...I just finished spring break and the fourth quarter of my senior year has begun. I'm trying very hard to remain motivated, but the knowledge that I'll be graduating in two months has made it a losing battle. Luckily, I haven't been cutting too many classes and my grades are staying up. Other than that, not much has been going on in my life. I just keep on keepin' on, as they say.

Well, that's about it. Until the next update, stay well and happy DRODing!

Matt O'Leary - Mafinot Budkin

Matt O'Leary
Webb Institute
Class of 2007

"I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception."
-Groucho Marx
08-14-2003 at 07:11 PM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : The Illumination : DROD News for 4/29/03
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