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Don't talk to me. Ever again. Or at least not for awhile. Not after the week I've had.

Alright, first news item: In terms of file transfering, this is the largest update I've ever made. About 70% of the files on this site have been moved, renamed, converted to a different file type, or otherwise edited. I opened up each one of my PHP and HTML files in Notepad and started organizing things. I straighted out my HTML, keeping nearly everything in a specific capitalization and indentation format. Put my tags in order, Capitalized, Spaced, made tables, removed tables, added links, removed links, spell checked, etc., etc., etc. Second, I converted all the images on this site from JPG to the smallest GIFs I could get while retaining quality. Overall, is 3.5 MB smaller than it used to be. That doesn't seem like a whole lot, but to us 56K users, it's a world of difference. Alright, lets see what else is going on DROD-wise.

Ooo! Erik opened up a CafePress DROD Store! He and Brittany have got quite a few nice items up there. Shirts, mugs, posters, etc. I've already had my T-shirt for two days, and I just ordered a poster, too. High-quality stuff. I wonder how many of you will wear DROD in addition to eat, sleep, and breathe it. =)

I imagine now that Erik is back from Paraguay, and things are settling down a bit, that we'll be working on getting our forum set up, so we can get outta Yahoo! Groups. Also, Erik said he's going to pay for a Java IRC Client so everyone can access the #drod channel on DALNet from here at Yay Erik!

Some news about TLK: They've taken a break from working on DROD 3D so they can work on some other projects. They have not abandoned the project like I originally feared. Jeez, they never e-mailed me back!

Hmm, so, about a week ago I started sorting through all my old DROD-related e-mail since 9/3/02 (Close to 520 messages!), and pulled out all the room tip requests I've gotten, responded to, and neglected to put on the Room Tips page. I've got a list of about 30 rooms that people have trouble with, and I really don't want to re-type responses for them so I can put them up here, but it looks like I'm gonna have to. I put a request on the Yahoo! Group for help typing tips, but no such luck. I'll do it eventually, not today, not tomorrow.

Erik updated the 2002-2003 portion of the History page. Nothing to say about that. I've also put up a little info on Mini DROD in the screenshots section.

You know those little headlines I always shove at the top of the window? " -- Now with more soy sauce!", " -- skidmark in the underwear of the web.", etc? Well, the last one I had, " -- Elvis spotted playing DROD!" was sent to me by Mike Rimer, and I figured, "What the hell, I don't always have to come up with them." And so now I'm prompting you to insert your own little comment. E-mail your headline to me. Can't offer you anything for it other than getting to see it up there. I won't accept them all, especially if you don't keep it appropriate. DROD-related headlines are always a plus. It should fit with the title: "Deadly Rooms of Death! -- [your thing]"

Umm... Sorry if I seem cold and cranky today... It's because I'm cold and cranky. My dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday because of a complexity in his diabetes (we think), and I'm just kinda in an odd mood. Plus, First semester finals were this week and I'm completely stressed out this week. Leave me be for awhile.

*stomps off, grunting to himself*


08-14-2003 at 06:49 PM
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