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Holy Bloody Budkins! What happened here!?
Hey everyone! Allow me to fill you in on the massive changes that have occurred in the last month.


First off, is celebrating its first birthday today! I had "finished" and first announced the opening of on July 30, 2001 in this message to the DROD Yahoo! Group. We've come a long way, and I assure you, it's only gonna get better. =)

Alright, the updates:

NEW SITE STYLE: The layout hasn't changed much, but the overall look of things is drastically different. There are lots of graphics in this style, and I apologize if it loads slow for you, but once it's all cached, it won't be so bad. And right now I know most of you are thinking, "Well, the old look was really good because it had the look and feel of DROD." And, you're right. However, I haven't changed that. I got a peek at Caravel DROD, and the new site graphics resemble it in the same way that the old style did. You'll just have to wait until Caravel DROD is ready so you can see for yourself...

...Which reminds me, the bar on the intro page for Caravel DROD is up to 96%, almost there! Erik says that theres still a few small bugs to work out, a couple other things, and then it's ready to beta-test. There were plans to release the Caravel DROD Beta today, on the anniversary of the site, but it didn't quite make it. It was a small window, plus Erik sliced up his arm on a chunk of glass while moving some stuff, and is unable to use that arm for awhile (which includes typing).

NAVIGATION: I've made it somewhat easier to get around this place. Added lots of links, plus a site map in the lower left (still in progress). This news page is easily navigable now, with the "jump to date" bar I added. I may start adding titles to my news-posts to make it even easier, who remembers dates anyway? I eliminated "old news" so I could use the jump bar, however, the news page is now too long for me to update using Notepad. =) I Love Notepad.

BEHIND THE SCENES: As if anybody cares, I have been trying to straighten out the FTP, putting things in directories, and keeping it organized, but in the process, I might have broken some links. If you find a broken link, please tell me about it!! I converted many of the site HTML files into PHP files for better functionality later. I'm tinkering with a lot of stuff, let me know if there's problems!

UPDATES: Hmm... a few things, added several AOL Instant Messenger icons at the Downloads page. One for each monster, and a nice spinning Beethro head. There's been a nice graphical change made to the Levels page, small "sample" images I made. I think they look nice, and should give newcomers something to fear. I have no idea what's going on with TLK DROD, they're being awfully quiet... haven't heard a peep from them since June 8th, I don't know if Erik knows anything though. Supposedly their graphic designer is now working his magic on the game, but I haven't seen a screenshot or a bitmap yet. When I do, I'll slap it up here immediately. =)

Oh! While I was working on the site so much, I answered room tip questions, and I think I got a few new DROD Challenges, but I can't find them! =(

If you have sent me room help questions or DROD Challenges since June 21, please send them to me again, regardless if I answered back, and especially if I didn't.

PERSONAL: I live a boring life. Not much happened in the last month. I finally got my driver's license, why are all driver photos so lousy?


My parents put me on the insurance for the "B-VoD" (Blue Van of Death) when I don't have a job to help pay for it. So I'm busting my ass trying to find a job in this small hick town, putting in applications everywhere from Burger King to Wal-mart. *sigh* I dun wanna become a wage-slave!!!

I've been going to the local arcade and playing LOTS of Dance Dance Revolution, it's just so much fun. For those who don't know, its a dancing game, it has two large metal pads on the floor with four arrows each, one up, down, left and right, and a large screen and speakers in front of you. Arrows scroll up the screen in time with the various techno/dance tunes, and you have to step on your arrows to match it. The game is a hit in Japan, (like everything) and quite popular in other parts of the world as well. I'm pretty decent at it, out of a maximum difficulty of 9, I can sometimes manage to clear a 6. I plan to buy the game for my old, dilapidated Playstation once I get some cash. If you haven't played it already, go play it. It's good fun. =)

To conclude, I really want to know what everyone thinks of the new look for the site! E-MAIL ME!

Until next time,


08-14-2003 at 06:21 PM
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icon Re: DROD News for 7/30/02 (0)  
The other day I tried playing Dance Dance Revolution fo the first time. It's a blast! Shamefully, it's probably the most exercise I've gotten all week. :eyes

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08-15-2003 at 09:19 PM
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Mmm, I suck at the Dance Dance.

It's not a hard game when you don't have to play it with your feet. Add the moving around bit, and I start to look like a tit.


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08-17-2003 at 12:46 AM
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