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Oh my my my... I've been really busy this last week, I've been working on new graphics for the site, and the reorganization I mentioned in my last post. I've been set back a bit by a death in the family, and some other "lifey" things. I botched up on a set of 25 or so images I was making to replace the menu on the left, so I had to trash them, and am starting almost from square one. *growls*

The only real update this time is the story I promised to upload. A work of my own for once. "Frankthro Budkin's Greed", a poem. It's not as bad as "Interview with a Mimic", but it's damn close. =)

Like I said, the reason for the skimpy update is because of my reorganization stuff, and I'm messing with a bunch of new graphics Erik gave me, sooo... yeah, sorry. I assure you, things will start looking different around here soon enough.



08-14-2003 at 06:12 PM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : The Illumination : DROD News for 6/21/02
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