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I'm feeling kinda lonely these days, with Clayton busy on non-DROD stuff. But the show must go on! Please, accept my humble and temporary attempt at guest hosting

This is a good opportunity to explain exactly what goes on with the Caravel DROD project. Most people have no idea of the scale and complexity of this undertaking. I would like to illustrate all those tricky-sticky intangibles and advanced paradigm shiftages which plague me daily. Have a long hard look at the new Executive Operations Summary, and I'll feel better afterwards.

All joking aside, you wouldn't believe how much work goes into making a tiny bit of progress. Work on Caravel DROD continues at a steady pace. In fact, SourceForge, the site that hosts our project's development files, consistently has DROD ranked in the top five percent by activity among the hundreds of other projects hosted there. This is the home stretch of the project, and for me it is like the dream sequence where your feet are mired in mud--all sorts of effort expended, yet you seem to get no closer to your destination. You're thinking, "it's just a little game, so what's all the trouble" but believe me, even a little game like DROD can take boatloads of time to get it done right.

I haven't heard from TLK in a while. I assume they're also plugging away on the 3D version. In a bit, we may have an update on where they're at.

-Erik (not Clayton)

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08-14-2003 at 06:05 PM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : The Illumination : DROD News for 05/20/02
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