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Real Name: Jon
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Country: Australia
Registered: 01-13-2006
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Oh the glory that the Lord has made
And the complications you could do without

--Sufjan Stevens, Casimir Pulaski Day

Warakurna, cars will roll/Don't drink by the water hole
Court fines on the shopfront wall/Beat the grog and save your soul

--Midnight Oil, Warakurna

Got the touch when you're making
tea / Only wish you were taking me
Like springtime takes the winter /
The only thing I ever get is

--Aberfeldy, Vegetarian

I wasn't born of a whistle or
milked from a thistle at twilight.
No: I was all horns and thorns,
sprung out fully formed, knock-
kneed and upright.

--Joanna Newsom, Sawdust and

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