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Username: Lst6
Real Name: Armin
User Status: Master Delver
Country: Spain
Registered: 05-05-2006
Posts Made: 470
Rank Points: 211
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Time Zone: 1 GMT
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Signature: What a wonderfull world Internet is :)
Back in Spain, but I wish it were not THAT hot here.
Things related to the Bar:
Click here to view the secret text

Working on: NOTHING
Accomplishments i'm proud of:
-Solving the bar riddle
Miscellaneous Info: Official contests participated:8
(Snake to the death! (even if dead because of holidays), Virtual burning man, Holds Al Dente, Grand Audition 2, Beauty over brains, Element Showcase [2 entries], BACKRONYM, Cheap trick[entered twice])

Non official contests: 4
(Jeff_ray says, Technology, The maze of mellenfral, dance to the beat)

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