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Miscellaneous Info: Hello! The Miscellaneous info below is really old! (yaaaaay)

And it does not pertain at all to things I am working on today! (yaaaaaay)

And it is about a pet project of mine that I've had for a number of years, but couldn't get anything made so it will forever remain an unfulfilled wish and an unmade game! (yaaaaaaaay)

I'm working on a program that uses a cyclic-time system similar to Majora's Mask. It is about a young lad born with the mark of the gods, who is destined to save the world from its own death.
But guess what? He's the bad guy.

He becomes corrupt and the task of stopping him is left up to Mag, Herbie and Montana, three characters I drew and created over the summer (of '09).

Let me explain the game that started it all: I felt that Majora's Mask's time system presented a new form of strategy. In Majora's Mask, you have three days (which is about 2 hours 15 minutes in real life time). Yes it's possible to do the entire game in those three days with sequence breaking and A LOT of practice, but that's not the point.
You have the ability to reset time back to the first day whenever you want. But in doing so, every dungeon resets. Paths you cleared close back up. You lose your gathered money and items.
All you get to keep are vital equipment, warp points, and proofs of clearing each dungeon. You have to be strategic and properly manage your time.
Try to get all you can done. Understand when you can get back to where you are right were you to reset. Find the fastest ways to redo puzzles, dungeons and bosses so that you can most quickly return to a place after resetting time. Learn the schedules of everything to find how you can use each 3-day cycle to it's fullest...
I thought we could use another game like Majora's Mask, and so I'm working on just that.

The game is called Fourth Revolution.

Time is flowing out of the world. One by one, cities experience time - and consequently themselves - freezing. The title alludes to the four days before the world's time is fully frozen.
4 days is hardly enough time to save the world, but you have the ability to reset time.

I can't reveal much more about the story. I've developed a lot of character relations, places, side quests, and game world mechanics. Like, for instance, cell phones. Boy would I love to tell you the things the heroes can do with their cell phones in this game.

But it's too early to reveal any more about the game than what I already have revealed in this summary.

It is written entirely in VB.NET (I use Visual Studios 2008 EE).
For graphics, input, and other awesomeness, I link to the SdlDotNet library.

I also make the graphics and the music, too. The graphics are made with various tools, like Paint, PSP, GIMP, and Pike (mobile icon editor). The music is composed as MIDI in Sony ACID Music Studio 7.0, using the VST instruments in EDIROL Hyper Canvas.

The original platform was PPC, using PocketC (for info about PocketC, see the description of my old work-in-progress SS below), but I ported it all to the computer eons ago.

Expect to see it out: 3 years from now (Read: never).

I know I'll never actually finish it. But I sure do hope I someday will.

Here's an older project: SS
(most of this information is severely outdated. The program came a lot further than this and now has a level editor and music and a lot more game elements, but I have abandoned this project and so I don't feel like typing more about it now)
I've been working on a game in PocketC for a while. Its project codename is SS, or Stands for Something. I'm writing the engine in PocketC... but the basic engine is taking too long.

I'm eager to work on the elements and their interactions, so I'm considering creating the meat of all that stuff in MESH, a game slash game engine. Once the game engine on PocketC is good enough that I can start adding new elements to it without too much trouble, I'll try my best to port what I have in MESH to PocketC.

Current Severely Outdated To-Do List:

Engine(PocketC) in the near future:
# Clean up the system for letting a sprite take its turn by making it call other functions for each sprite. (3/6/09)
# Clean up the system for checking whether a tile meets a certain requirement (i.e. Valid move for Player, Triggerable, Slippery, etc). (3/6/09)
# Make an Enemy as the second sprite. (3/6/09)

# Prevent tile-occupying sprites (enemies, movable crates, etc) from being able to exist on top of eachother.
# Find my stylus!

Engine (PocketC) later on:
# Fix the display engine with a sort of pseudo-buffer system so that sprites don't appear to move one-at-a-time.
# Level Editor and Save Level
# Open File dialog
# Sound effects
# Music
# Create a system where the description of an element can be looked up by tapping it. I always wanted to implement such a system, and now that I see one in MESH, I must have it.
# Find a way to get PocketC to register input from the D-Pad. Currently, the player must toggle the Numpad on the onscreen keyboard and move with the number keys.

Things I may need to worry about later on in the engine:
#Loading every game image into RAM may be a bad idea, but I have no workaround. The game could become a real CPU hog as I make more elements.

Elements to make in MESH:
# Port S_P1 to MESH. The player receives input and moves accordingly.
# Port S_En to MESH. This generic enemy moves towards the player.
# Create basic Rail sprites. Rail-guided objects will move along these.

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