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Stigants Multi Room Puzzle
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Stigants Programming Puzzle
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Borsuks Time-Waster Challenge
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Bibelots 8x8 Puzzle Contest
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Bibelots Puzzle in Drod contest
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Stigants Slaugthfest.
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Cheese obsessives room art contest
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Le Forces Room Joke Challenge
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Triple Ms Surviver Challenge
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b0rsuks room art contest
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Meckmeck GREs Writing Contest
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Meckmeck GREs graphic/sound modding contest
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wackhead_uks add a monster contest
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b0rsuk quick learner contest
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Rabscuttles Curses of the Eight contest
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Meckmeck GREs Fun Hold Contest
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Maurogs JtrH trailer challenge
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B0rsuks Evil Laugh Challenge
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Mikkos KDD (Jtrh ?) Challegne
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Mikkos KDD (Jtrh ?) Knowledge Challegne
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whackhead UKs make it harder contest
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MeckMeck GRE
Level: Smitemaster
Rank Points: 594
Registered: 01-03-2005
IP: Logged
icon Month Contest Poll (+3)  
This is just an unofficial poll beacause I am curious what you would like to play in further contest. Some competitions may be changed since JtrH

== Stigants Multi Room Puzzle =========================================

How about a contest to design the best multi-room puzzle. This would be a puzzle in which you have to enter and leave rooms several times from different places to finally beat the hold (for example, the giant tar puzzle on level 24 KDD). You'll probably need a room limit (say 5).

== Stigants Programming Puzzle ===========================================

I'd like to see some programming type contests. These would be tough to run and enter, though, and the only ideas I have are non-drod related. For example, there's a prisoner delima contest every year in which contestants implement algorithms that decide to dissent or cooperate. Each algorithm is run against the other ones, and the program with the best score is the winner. I frequently participate in white-elephant exchanges around xmas and have often wondered about winning strategies, so perhaps a contest that incorporates these two ideas... But low turn out would kill the whole thing.

== Borsuks Time-Waster Challenge ========================================

A contest I've been thinking about some time ago. The main difficulty are the rules which should prevent cheap abuse.
Time-Waster Challenge

- create a single room which takes the longest to conquer. As long as you can imagine.
- the number of moves needed to conquer has to be definite: no loops, no routes you can take over and over for infinite time. (go left go right go left go right...). I think it would be important to disallow entering a square you just left. Ideally there should be only one way to conquer it, and it should be recognizable at first.
- No sword rotating allowed for no apparent reason. You can rotate your sword only if it's absolutely needed to open something/survive. Architects would get extra points for planning only absolutely linear battles. In general, everything should be linear and foolproof. Trapdoors would seem best solution, but that would be limiting creativity. You can come up with some really nasty orb-door combo, right ?
- in case a room is slightly non-definite, the shortest way to conquer the room counts. In serious cases contest entry should be discarded.

== Bibelots 8x8 Puzzle Contest ===========================================

Since DROD began its life on a chessboard, how about an architecture contest for the best room that fits within an 8x8 square?

== Bibelots Puzzle in Drod contest. =========================================

Here's another random idea. It's pretty clear that people here know a wide variety of puzzles. How about an architecture contest for the best DROD implementation of a non-DROD puzzle? For instance, if you could somehow implement a Rubik's cube in DROD, that would be incredible.

== Stigants Slaugthfest. =================================================

This is more of a mini contest: I often like to slaughter roaches/eyeballs/spiders/tarbabies in the most efficient manner possible. This usually involves finding a niche with 2 entrances and qwing so that I kill one roach every turn. So I got to thinking, what's the largest horde of other creatures (goblins, ww's, roach queens, brains, snakes?) that I could slaughter without whiffing (or more generally, so that one monster dies each turn)?

== Cheese obsessives room art contest=======================================

I would like to see a room art contest, just because I like room art. Claythro tower floor 5 owns many things. I made a rather rough drod-version of the united states on my computer with a broken monitor, but sadly, I can't show it to you, because I obviously can't get to it without a monitor. Eh. I might make it again someday. :/

== Le Forces Room Joke Challenge=======================================

See who can write the funniest joke in room art.

== Triple Ms Surviver Challenge===========================================

I have no idea whether this is possible, but I've always wondered about a room that a) is unsolvable, and b) you must die after some number of moves. If someone could create a very clever room, then you could have a 'how many moves can you survive for' competition. Seems almost impossible to have one where a large range of moves is possible, but maybe..

== b0rsuks room art contest =============================================

Draw the prettiest image you can using DROD level editor. Image floors not allowed.

== Meckmeck GREs Writing Contest =======================================

Maybe some writing copetition. It should be Drodisch (what a word). Well. Make a poem about DROD ?! Or a story about Beethros Adventures ?

== Meckmeck GREs graphic/sound modding contest=============================

Or my second idea : DROD Modding Contest. I think Drod can be modded quite easy....

(This means graphic/sound or both mod but no new monsters or code or capture the roach Multiplayer or whatever)

== wackhead_uks add a monster contest =====================================

However, adding a monster would be very cool if you could do it via the source code.

== b0rsuk quick learner contest ==========================================

This one is simple. Release JTRH, and see who can develop deadliest and most original puzzles with elements he didn't play with before.For this contest to make any sense it would have to be announced as first JTRH contest. So no one except those pesky beta-testers have time to prepare.

== Rabscuttles Curses of the Eight contest ====================================

But for a non-hold idea, how about Curses of the Eighth. The object is to come up with an Eighth-themed exclamation of surprise, dismay, shock, or whatever. What a smitemaster says when he surveys an almost completed room, only to discover a tar baby trapped in a corner. Or what an architect cries out when a delver ruins his carefully constructed room with a mimic in just the wrong place.
Obviously naughty words wouldn't be allowed, but it should be perfectly possible to convey one's frustration with the words that remain.
I'm thinking of long descriptive things like "By the eight translucent legs of the spider queen"
Only better.

== Meckmeck GREs Fun Hold Contest ======================================

My new contest idea is : DROD makes fun !

This is an hold makeing competition but this time it releys more on fun than on difficulty. However rules are about that :

- Everybody is allowed to do 1 hold.
- The hold size should be between 8 and 88 rooms.
- You dont need victory demos
- Post the hold attached to your post.
- After some time, a poll will be made where every hold get rated
by 3 various important criterias

Fun Factor (counts 3x) : Has to hold made fun ? 10 means you was really delightet about the hold, 1 means it was annoying

Creativity (counts 2x) : Creativity is about the style of the
puzzles, room style, mimimap art, story, scrolls, bonus
rooms, name of levels.... ending/level

Difficulty (counts 2x) : The difficulty you aim for should equal
about 5 or 4 brains. Try to make it not
too easy/difficult

== Maurogs JtrH trailer challenge === ======================================

How about a contest for writing a script for JtRH trailer? Kinda like what Matt wrote there, one entry per patricipant. It involves creativity, everyone can participate, and the winner will be obliged to hire some actors, rent a recording studio and shoot the trailer he created. OK, maybe without that last part.

== B0rsuks Evil Laugh Challenge === ======================================

A contest to to produce most evil, maniacal and/or pervert laugh ever.
I wouldn't participate because my laugh is nothing special, but I would surely monitor all entries with great interest.

== Mikkos KDD (Jtrh ?) Challegne=== ======================================

A KDD playing contest, where a copy of levels 1-24 of Dugan's dungeon is released with a secret password at the end, and warp rooms blocked. The first one to get to the password wins of course. Because of time zone issues, it might be a good idea to split the hold into three parts (levels 1-8, 9-16 and 17-24) and release them at 8 or 16 hour intervals. This would allow people to compete in a particular part as well as having a total time contest, where the times for each section are added together. The latter part would of course favour people who can play at odd times, but IMO anyone who gets up at 4AM to compete in a DROD competition is worthy of some extra advantage.

== Mikkos KDD (Jtrh ?) Knowledge Challegne================================

A KDD knowledge contest. A selection of screenshots, or rather small parts of them, from KDD are posted. The contest is simply for people to find out which rooms the images are from. This would of course work much better if all levels use the same tiles, as I believe is the case in JTRH. Or it could just be arranged in the editor. I'm not sure what the best scoring system for this contest would be.

== whackhead UKs make it harder contest ====================================

How about choosing one room from KDD (chosen by contest-setter) and then having a contest to see who can make that room harder by adding just one square of something new. Eg, a roach, a yellow door, a wall, etc.

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05-02-2005 at 02:49 PM
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