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When grabbing JtRH as a CaravelNet hold in TSS, it originally installed as a version featuring obstacles in the walls of the L1 entrance, fancy lighting, challenge scrolls, and so on.

However, at some point, it appears to have turned into the “remastered for 3.0” edition, featuring lamps here and there plus some TCB styles, and that's about it. I first noticed this when seeing H&S room images featuring lighting I didn't see in my game, and looking back on restore, rooms where I distinctly recall completing challenges were now lacking them.

Now, I deleted JtRH from my (cloud-synced) TSS profile and grabbed it again, then restarted my game to trigger a cloud sync to retrieve my progress, and we appear to be back in business. However, I'm at a loss as to what could have possibly caused this “edition regression” in the first place. Any ideas?

EDIT: As an addendum, I should note that when I selected JtRH for redownload, its engine version showed up as 3.2, despite the fact that once it had been downloaded it was clearly a hold from a higher version, given the styles in the levels visible from the restore screen and the fact that challenges had returned.


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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Bugs : Confusion about “remastered” holds
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