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Professor Tio
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Okay, so I've been on a hiatus lately from DROD partially due to computer issues, partially cause I've found some other games to play. This was one of them, and a friend actually gifted me this game. It came out back in March, and is even available on consoles. It's a deck-building rogue-like with real-time grid combat! Probably sounds like a mouthful, I know, but it's accurate.

Strong Points:
+ There's a bunch of card "classes" that accommodate for various play-styles/purposes, and you have 2 "focus" slots that can be used to increase the chance of cards from 1 or 2 specific classes appearing as battle rewards. The 2 I typically play are Phalanx (protection and shield (which is essentially extra HP)) along with Anima (ice, fire, and lightning although lightning doesn't get nearly as much love as the other 2). For most card mechanics there's a character loadout for it, too.
+ The boss pool is relatively small but they get rather tricky late into the run, so it keeps you on your toes pretty well.
+ 100%ing this game achievements-wise isn't too rough per say, I got them all in under 100 hours of play-time. Of course, some of them aren't easy to pull off, and yes, there is the classic "1 HP Wonder" achievement that other rogue-likes such as Crypt of the Necrodancer have, although I'd say Eden's is probably one of the easiest of that caliber.
+ The community behind the game is very active, and there's some really good mods to play around with on the Workshop! The wiki's documentation for modding is somewhat lackluster, though, but people are willing to help out as best they can.
+ There's multi-player, complete with co-op and PvP, although I haven't done either one as of now.

Weak Points
- There's balancing issues alright, both in favor of and against the player. A few select cards or passive "artifacts" are brutally powerful when paired with certain cards/other artifacts, as an example. On the other hand, though, some cards have too much of a drawback to really be good, and some battle situations are nigh-impossible to escape unharmed.
- This game has a very steep difficulty wall right from the get-go. And even I still have trouble on some occasions, so brace for getting bodied a lot.

Not much else to say, really. Give it a go if you want, it's only $20!

Hold stuff I guess!
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My personal mindset about making holds is to create puzzles that provide a challenge for beginners, but still serve as fun little exercises for veterans.

Random DROD RPG Score-Point Sheet Template I quickly created if you wanna easily keep track of all your individual score-points in a hold! Score-Sheet Template

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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Electronic Games : One Step From Eden (Rogue-Like from 2020)
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