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Back in July 2016 or so, there was a contest called "Make it More Challenging", based on a suggestion I made. This contest involved a small hold, with rooms made by Chaco, blorx1, and Insoluble. Entrants were invited to come up with challenges for the hold's puzzle rooms.

Insoluble ran that contest, but he's unfortunately too busy with life in general right now to manage an architecture thread. So he gave me permission to post the hold.

I have posted an edited version where I've added scrolls describing all the challenges. Most of these are word-for-word the same as submitted, but a few were quite long so I've reworded them. To avoid messing with brain pathfinding, scrolls are in the hallways before the room, with the exception of 1S1E (which is directly beside another puzzle room. However, it doesn't have a brain or red serpent).

Currently, none of these challenges are actually implemented through scripting. Some of them aren't feasible to script at all (unfortunately the winning entry is in this category), while others may not be much fun to execute. So the main feedback I'm looking for is "which of these challenges are worth actually scripting". Otherwise, this is pretty much ready to go.
09-05-2019 at 07:08 PM
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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : Make it More Challenging (Hold for July 2016 contest)
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