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icon Game can't handle non-ASCII in *\Caravel\drod-5_0 folder path (+3)  
OS: Windows 10
Game: GatEB and TSS on Steam
Version: Steam, up to date and verified.

I have two computers, a laptop and a desktop, and own both GatEB and TSS on Steam. Both games work fine on my laptop, but they don't work on the desktop. The drod-5_0 folder is on a folder path that includes a non-ASCII character, '', in the username. I tried creating a new user account on the desktop with only ASCII characters, and run the same steam install where the \Caravel\drod-5_0 has a different path, which works.
What should happen:
* The game opens up and, thanks to the Cloud, uses the player data from the laptop.
What happens is:
* If i run the game after Steam cloud Synching, the game acts like on first run, and prompts me to create a player account, but crashes after choosing Keyboard Configuration. Also if i try importing an existing .player file.
* If I instead disable Steam Cloud and reinstall fresh, the "Can't Access DROD Data" Error message pops up.
I'm fairly certain, after trying the SAME install on the SAME computer with only a different account, that the problem is with the folder path including the non-ASCII character ''.
Is it possible to fix this?

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09-24-2018 at 03:56 PM
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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Bugs : Game can't handle non-ASCII in *\Caravel\drod-5_0 folder path
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