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On WonderQuest 4.2, Magic Stones have a bug - instead of waiting for you to press tab, it acts like tab is being changed every frame, and creates a noisy mess of characters being swapped every frame. It's impossible to time which character you end up as, and therefore a royal pain to solve any puzzles involving them.

On WonderQuest 4.1 ( ) Magic Stones work fine, but the frame rate is appalling on modern computers (at least the two Windows 7-10 ones I tried), so it is not playable.

Since development is discontinued for this game and there is no source code available, I guess it is not feasible to go beyond Floor 6 of Dreams. It was fun getting this far though! Thank you for the good memories :)

EDIT: Since other people have talked about getting far into Dreams 8 without bringing up problems with Magic Stones, I guess some workaround exists?

EDIT 2: Brute force is good enough to get past Magic Stone puzzles. You just need to be very patient.

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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Wonderquest : 'Magic Stone' bug
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