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Now, for this room... I don't get it. I know I MUST de-activate the beacon, and I must leave a construct alive... SOMEHOW... And I also cannot turn my sword directly (only via oremites). I also have, give or take, 30 turns to do this all. If I don't do it in the EXACT order of hitting the beacon, killing the last construct, and then going on my merry way, all without never directly turning my sword once, all in 30 turns... Well, it's a very uphill struggle.

The issue is... HOW THE BLOODY HECK AM I MEANT TO DO THAT? This room has me so confused I'm using Brit anger slang, and I'm American! ...that's a good metric right?

EDIT: Dang you, H&S board syndrome!! If you happen to be stuck, however, there's a statement incorrect in my above post...

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