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Kenny Sun made a new game called Yankai's Peak, which is about pushing and pulling things around (like you do in DROD with sticks, spears and pickaxes).

I won't spoil much about this game since this game is... simply gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of Stephen's Sausage Rolls. The beauty in its overall aesthetic, mechanic/level design and layout is simply speechless.

It's on iOS already, and will be on Android 2 days later. PC release should be in Valve Time (TM), since it's still in greenlight.

Here's a trailer if you want to watch it, but you probably shouldn't (luckily I didn't), because it... spoils the experience by a lot, let's say. You should treat this game like Stephen's Sausage Rolls, and admire its beauty for the rest of this year (or until a equally wonderful puzzle game comes out).

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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Electronic Games : Yankai's Peak (A sentient PYRAMID)
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