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MeckMeck GRE
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icon ATOTK Weird bug. (0)  
I just started playing ATOTK and did the following: I entered my room in the castle, picked up the pillows and exited the room. But instead of getting to the castle corridor again, I got into a cave. I picked up two more or less useful items (a leaf and a feather), spoke with a women (+1% wisdom) and exited the cave the way I came. But instead of getting back to my room again I came to a landscape with goblins, monks and a big guy which called me "food" and killed me. I reloaded my last safegame and did the same thing. But this time my rooms door lead to the corridor and not to that strange cave. Also I didn't get any funny items this time.

I'm a little bit confused now... Bug or feature?

Another thing: How can I die when I'm invincible? I guess I should be invincible as long as I carry this ringy-thingy with me. Edit: Wait... I somehow lost that ring... it disappeared out of the inventory. Guess I have to find it again.

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08-25-2007 at 05:45 PM
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Yeah, this is a weird bug. If you teleport from the castle to the Crystal Cave, you should restore your game (or restart, you'd be only 30 seconds from the beginning of the game anyway).

Also, girdle, not ring. And yes, you have to find it again. Well, it's a sidequest, anyway.

= Radiant =
08-25-2007 at 11:23 PM
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Caravel Forum : Other Boards : Crystal Shard Games : ATOTK Weird bug.
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