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The Stew Boy
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File: buglevel.SUB (351 bytes)
Downloaded 12 times.
License: Public Domain
icon ST1 Player Cloning Bug (0)  
In the level, move up one, then down one to clone yourself. Notice the explosion in the top left hand corner. Now, theoretically you should have cloned yourself many times just by moving once, but only one clone has been made. Move up and down once more, then press esc and space to try again. If you're lucky, you'll find that some walls have mysteriously appeared in the bottom right hand corner. (If they don't, then check the bottom right hand corner in the editor for a strange gauze-like wall. Then get rid of it.) Do the above steps again and they disappear. Weird or what?
While experimenting, I found a few strange things.
- Once, the original player vanished, but the space behaved like a wall.
- If you put any breakable thing in the top left hand corner it will explode as well.
- Strangely enough, if you create the walls in this way, then exit back into the editor, the level will have mysteriously saved itself in that state.
- If you move up and down and immediately turn right the rest of the clones will appear automatically. No explosion will happen.
- If you clone yourself and immediately move upwards then another clone will mysteriously appear above the cloning wall.
- I put the 2nd player in and cloned a lot of both of them, then I moved some into the top left hand corner, who then exploded when I ran the cloner. After a few goes of this, explosions started happening all over the place. And I mean really randomly.
- After a while I noticed that the bottom left hand corner had a wall too.
- I put a cyro bird in the top left hand corner, surrounded by dirt. After I had cloned myself and produced the walls in the corners, then esc'd and restarted, the cyro bird broke out of the dirt, moving right, as if it was...well...empty space. The dirt disappeared.
- Observing the cyro bird's movements after that, I found that the walls in the bottom corners also seemed to be surrounded by invisible walls.
- While the level had those extra walls, some of the elements in the top row disappeared, some to be replaced by walls, others just vanishing.
Pretty strange huh.

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03-03-2007 at 06:58 AM
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icon Re: ST1 Player Cloning Bug (0)  
I experienced something similar, and made a level out of it called "Level Border Generator." Whenever you want level border tiles (invisible walls), just test that level, go back to the editor, and use the Ctrl button to pick it up from the level.

My first one had a cloning machine that dropped you onto the switch for another cloning machine in front of you.
Then I made another one by putting a Player in a Skelwing explosion.

Try putting a player in a skelwing explosion, and then test it twice. You should also notice that the second time, you can scroll down/right to a bunch of completely random tiles that can't be seen in the editor (and they also behave incorrectly). Something must be making the game read data below the limits of the level that are at 128x128.

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03-09-2007 at 08:17 PM
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File: Bug screenshot.jpg (202.3 KB)
Downloaded 14 times.
License: Public Domain
icon Re: ST1 Player Cloning Bug (+1)  
also if i do new level and press "qwertyui" very fast i get level border, Crates in wall and "Unknown object".
See screenshot.

Edit: this is ST2 just so you know :lol

Edit 2: sorry ST1 gives crates in wall this doesn't.

Edit 3: thanks for the mod up!

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