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The Level Five Challenges:

Level Five

Entrance Room, Once West
Kill all the evil eyes while you are standing on the same trapdoor, then kill the wraithwing on the force arrows.

Once West
Chase the queen to the southwest before killing it.

Once North
Go along one wall to get to the center, and one wall back. Then go back in and collapse all the trapdoors.

Once South, South
Kill all but 24 evil eyes in their sleep. Perhaps it’s possible for that number to be lower.

Once North, East, East, East, North
Collapse as few trapdoors as possible. The best I’ve done is about 20.

Once South, East, East, East
Kill all the wraithwings without striking the orb.

Once West, West, South, East
Only step on dark squares

Once North
Try to kill all monsters with sword pointed diagonally.

Once West, South, East, South
Walk over all but one of the force arrows.

Once North, West, West
Kill all monsters while you are standing “corners” of pits.

Once West
See if you can let the queen spawn only 12 times before you kill her.

Once East, South
Don’t use the invisibility potion.

Once North, East, South
See how few evil eyes you can kill with your mimic and then go in and come out alive.

Once North, West, East, North
Kill all wraithwings first.

Once South, West, North, West, North
Kill all wraithwings against the exits.

Once north
Kill the wraithwings one after another.

Once west
Kill everything before the queens spawn 8 times.

Once East, South, North, East
Deploy both mimics then kill the northeastern evil eyes before dispatching the others with the mimics.

Once West, South, North, North [Exit Level].

Slashing, whirling, diving, twirling,
Snapping, turning, rising, swirling,
Screeching, flipping, gliding, sliding,
The red hawk's dance of death.

.....the king of the skies.....
09-05-2003 at 02:55 AM
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